how i eat what i want & don’t gain weight – WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK with no restrictions

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Water

If you’ve ever looked up tips for dieting before, chances are you’ve come across something like, “Drink lots of water!”.

Four Facts the Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Knowing the realities your weight loss journey ahead means reading the map properly. Unfortunately, with all the lies that the weight loss industry tells it’s hard to know which way is North. This outlines four of the terrible lies we hear from so-called ‘experts’ every day.

A Look at the Caralluma Actives Supplement

A take a look at one the newest weight loss supplements to hit the market – Caralluma Actives. I find out what makes this supplement different from the rest and whether it’s effective and suppressing your appetite and helping you lose weight.

Your Ideal Weight – How To Make Any Diet Work for You

This may sound like the secret the world has been waiting for, perhaps it is, but firstly I have to qualify the statement by saying you can make any sensible diet work. There are hundreds of diets but they all fall into four categories.

3 Simple Activities That Can Help You Burn More Calories

Looking to burn more calories without blowing your budget or running a marathon? Then consider these 3 simple exercise workouts that you can easily incorporate into your daily regimen.

Hidden Calories May Be Lurking in the Wine Bottle

When is a glass of wine not just a glass of wine? The simple answer might be when we drink the whole bottle. We have been so careful about watching every morsel that we eat and yet we are continuing to gain weight.

Are These 3 Dieting Mistakes Causing You To Fall Off The Bandwagon?

Fed up with aimlessly jumping from diet to diet in a mad bid to lose weight? If so, discover 3 common dieting mistakes that stop most people from successfully losing and sustaining their weight.

Sugar Full Versus Sugar Free: Which Is The Better Option For Your Health? Not All Is As It Seems

Sugar Full versus Sugar Free… What do I think you should be drinking and a look at which of the two is the healthier option. There is an obvious answer here, but not all is what it seems…

Kids Who Get Extra Sleep Can Reduce Pounds

Getting kids to eat less regularly may be as easy as making sure they get a good night’s sleep. That does not mean that sleep is the answer to the U.S. obesity problem, but it could be one part of the solution.

6 Weight Loss Tips That Work, Even If They Don’t Make Sense

This article will help you by pointing out six easy ways to lose weight that may go against what you originally thought was ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’. These tips are not only contrary to what others think, they are cornerstones to why my Love Your Weight Loss plan works for so many people.

Green Coffee Beans and Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The weight loss supplement industry has blossomed, making obvious the magnitude of the problem. Many weight loss products have come and gone. At their time of discovery, they are advertised to be the magic fat burners that can help overcome this colossal problem. But after a while in the market, it is uncovered that their promises are half-baked and that they yield no noteworthy results. Green coffee beans are not an exception too.

How to Choose a Health Coach for Weight Loss

If you put the key words “health coach” into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, you will get thousands of potential resources from which to choose information and services. However, the health coach as a description of a resource can come with a broad array of clinical and non-clinical education and experience profiles. There are a wide variety of types of health coaches available to support your health improvement and weight loss goals. Many are available at no cost from your local health care or managed care company, or bundled with a weight loss program. The right health coach for you depends on several factors.

Fed Up With Yo-Yo Dieting? Here’s 6 Weight Loss Tips for the Constant Dieter

Fed up with yo-yo dieting and losing weight only to gain it back? Then learn how you can stick to your weight loss commitments long-term with these practical tips.

How To Lose Weight Naturally – 9 Simple Dietary And Lifestyle Adjustments For Weight Loss

Do you find yourself caught up in a cycle of yo yo dieting when trying to lose weight? If so, learn how you can make simple lifestyle and dietary adjustments for successful long-term weight loss.

Paleo Diet And Its Health Benefits

One of the most popular reasons many choose to make the Paleo diet part of their lifestyle, is to become healthier and lose weight. Weight loss and the maintenance of weight loss is achievable through following the Paleo diet.

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