Keto Garlic Butter Meatballs with Lemon Zoodles

Weights in Your Wallet?

Research many options before you commit to a diet plan. It may save you a lot of money in the long run. This is how I was able to lose my weight safe and affordable.

Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises

Putting the top 10 weight loss exercises to use on a regular basis can help individuals in burning calories faster, and more effectively. Here are the most popular exercises people are using to shed pounds this year.

Alcohol: Why Can’t I Lose Weight When I Drink Alcohol?

Simply Put: If you are trying to lose weight, do not drink alcohol. It alters your cognition. This causes you to lose control of your eating. If you must drink, drink in moderation: one drink for women and two drinks for men. Try the lower-calorie options when enjoying a beverage and do so in good company and with a designated driver if away from home.

5 Tips To Help You Lose Without Counting Calories

If you think that calories are calories – and it doesn’t matter whether they come from cookies or carrots – then it’s time to rethink what you’re thinking about calories. Contrary to what you may have heard, all calories are NOT created equal.

5 Best Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

Are you eager to lose that stubborn belly fat once and for all? Eating healthy, getting daily exercise and managing stress are all essential components for reducing belly fat and achieving better health, but did you know that you can eat certain foods to help you reduce belly fat even faster? Here are five of the best foods that will help you get rid of belly fat for good and improve your overall well-being.

Why Emotional Eating Is Okay If You Choose Victory Over Victimhood

Emotional eating gets a lot of people in a lot of trouble. However, if you learn how to manage your emotional eating by being a victor instead of a victim, it’s not as bad as you think.

5 Ways a Bad Relationship Parallels Unsuccessful Weight Loss

Though it is nothing to take lightly, there are scary similarities between bad relationships and common weight loss programs. This article describes how important it is to recognise a bad situation for what it is and the only way to take that bad situation and turn it around. Hint: it has nothing to do with ‘sticking it out’

Green Tea Weight Loss: The Possible Weight Loss Properties of Green Tea

A summary of the weight loss properties of green tea. This includes a possible increase in metabolism, and appetite suppression. Also, there is a brief section on the implementation of green tea in your diet.

The Various Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract by far has become of the biggest news makers in the field of health and wellness today. It is considered by many as the total fat buster because of the various health benefits that it contains. It came from raw green coffee beans. Scientists have found out that raw green coffee beans contain an organic compound called chlorogenic acid which could greatly affect your body’s metabolism.

White Mulberry Extract Blend – What To Know

Currently, it is one of the hottest weight loss supplements right now and is considered by a lot of people as the all-in-one package weight loss product. More and more people are using it simply because it holds tons of powerful fat busting ingredients which are usually found individually on other health supplements.

Easy Things to Do to Lose Weight

Not everything is hard, when you are trying to lose weight and stay healthy. Here are some small changes you can make that are very simple.

Super Foods: Do They Really Exist? What Do They Do? And My Personal Recommendations!

A look at the science behind Super Foods. What the experts say, what they allegedly do, and my personal recommendations (despite one allergy!)

Diet Tips for Post Workout Drinking

It is the age old question, is drinking after you workout detrimental towards your body? The effects are not as bad as you might think, but there are things you should consider.

Lose Weight With a Personal Trainer in Orange County

Even though Orange County offers many sport possibilities to its inhabitants, there are still many people who struggle with their weight no matter how much sport they make. This is because they do not know how to do exercises properly and end up disappointed when they don’t see the expected results. To this extent, going to a personal trainer in Orange County is sometimes the best choice a person can make. This region has highly experienced trainers and various gyms and boot camps, so those who want to lose weight can rest assured they will have where to choose from. Of course, their personal trainers might advise them to start a jogging program on Seal Beach or Huntington Beach, very popular locations for joggers in this region.

How to Lose Weight – The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read

Too many people go on a diet, stick with it for a while, and then have a slight slip-up, and just give up. This is because the way we view dieting is completely backwards. Change the way you think about dieting, and never “fall off the wagon” again.

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