Keto Iced Coffee Recipe [with Heavy Cream]

Weight Loss and Dieting Tips

Going on a diet is easier said then done. Here are just a few tips to get you kick-started toward healthy living.

Tips to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

Having a hard time staying motivated and reaching your health and fitness goals? These tips are sure to get you pumped and motivated to start again!

How Can A Health Coach Help Me?

Doctors are treating more and more patients everyday. How many times has your doctor seen you, provided you with a recommendation to either lose weight or get more exercise, and then you leave wondering what do you have to do to make that recommendation a reality? Health coaches are becoming one of the fastest growing niches in the healthcare industry. Does your doctor have a referral partnership with one? If not, maybe they should.

Weight Loss – 3 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

The weight loss article the diet gurus don’t want you to read. Read this article if you want to finally learn the truth about how to lose weight. Learn the 3 necessary steps to achieve your weight loss goals.

How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days – Really?

The 30 pounds in 30 days weight loss approach is a sensationalistic title that is used quite often in the weight loss industry to attract peoples’ attention. But, does this kind of rapid solution really live up to the title’s promise? Let’s do some math to see.

Your Ideal Weight, Have Your Cake And Lose Weight Too

Most diets have a simple rule; you can’t eat your favourite foods. Not ever again, or you will fail again. But the only way to succeed is to have your cake and eat it too. If not at some time you will lose the plot, because it’s just two stressful.

Foods to Eat to Lose Weight the Natural Way

Unlike what you have heard, you do not have to starve yourself to lose weight fast. You can eat the same amount of food and still lose weight the natural way. Here are some foods that you can eat and put a stop to obesity in your life.

Top Ten Weight Loss Diets

Throughout the years, people have tried all sorts of diets in an attempt to lose weight, but not all of them are effective. There are those diets that arise every now and again and produce extremely effective results, and these are the ones that tend to be taken up by laymen and celebrities alike.

Top Fat Burning Foods

When you are dieting, you are gonna want to choose foods with nutrients for the body and that also build up your metabolism. Here is a list of some top fat burning foods.

Can Cellulite Be Eliminated If You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time when a woman gains weight to accommodate a growing child in her womb. During this time, the fat cells underneath the surface of her skin get slightly enlarged. As the skin stretches, fat deposits form around places such as the stomach, hips and thighs. There is a very good reason for that to happen.

The Best Way Women Can Get Rid Of Cellulite If They Do Not Want to Exercise

Are you suffering from cottage cheese and have just resigned to fate, because you think it’s a genetic problem? Well, cellulite or fat deposits under the surface of the skin may be really common in women, but that is no reason not to try to get rid of it! If you think cellulite treatment is a waste of time, you are right, but what if we were to tell you that you can still remove cellulite without any treatment or exercise! Yes, you heard us right! You can remove cellulite from your body without exercise by just following a couple of simple tips that we will share with you.

What Is The Cheapest Cellulite Treatment?

Did you know that 90 per cent of women in the world suffer from a cellulite problem? So, if you are embarrassed about your cottage cheese skin, you are not alone! This is precisely the reason why a whole cosmetic industry is thriving in the name of cellulite removal. Although most of these treatments claim instant results, they prove to be not just useless, but take a toll on your pocket too.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and White Mulberry Extract: A Comparison of the Two Supplements

Two of the supplements that have become popular in the health and wellness market are green coffee bean extract and white mulberry extract. It would be safe to say that that they were featured on the show of a celebrated doctor has helped spur their popularity. Their popularity is a double-edged sword, though. Some consumers may be convinced of how these supplements may address some of their health issues, while some may dismiss them as simply hyped health products. Moreover, their being informed of what these supplements may be able to do for them is one of the best ways to decide whether they should try these products or not. Let us take a look at the similarities and differences of the two supplements and how they may help improve consumers’ health.

Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss: Advantages and Disadvantages

Raspberry ketone is one of the most talked about weight loss supplement in the health and fitness community today. A lot of consumers have put their hopes of losing weight on the supplement, although there are also many who are skeptical about its weight loss properties. Now let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of taking the supplement.

Cheapest Ways To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Let’s face it! We’ve spent bundles of cash on weight loss supplements, but not one could help burn the lard, let alone retain the results. The money-back guarantees on diet pills also fell flat when the time came to claim a refund. Now, tired, you’ve finally decided not to burn any more cash on useless, run-off-the-mill products. And, we must say you’ve done just the right thing!

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