Keto Pork Chops with Green Beans & Gravy [One-Pan + Easy]

The Top Food Ingredients to Avoid

You never know what kind of ingredients are in the food you eat unless you are wary. Even if it is “fat-free” or “diet”, it can contain things that will hurt your diet worse then the normal products.

Yacon for Weight Loss: Capsules or Syrup?

Commonly found in the Andean mountains in South America, yacon has been made available as a health supplement because it is loaded with various health benefits. Its popularity spurred when a celebrated doctor featured it on his show and even conducted his own experiment on how it helps make people lose weight. The majority of the women who participated in the experiment lost weight.

Want to Lose Weight? Your Lack of Sleep May Be Keeping You Fat!

Wouldn’t it be great if I told you that you can lose weight without exercise or diet? Well you can. The process is called “thermogenesis”. Don’t get me wrong, an exercise and nutrition program is going to be a part of any legitimate weight loss program, but you may not be able to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat if you are not getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night. There are several ways to improve your sleep and increase weight loss from burning body fat.

Fat-Burning Smoothies: How Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Can Help You Lose Weight

We currently live in a society where in the ‘fit and sexy’ are considered to be the most beautiful, that’s why it’s no surprise why thousands of weight loss diets have surfaced over the last decade. Anyone who wishes to lose some extra pounds now will have a difficult time to decide which diet to go for because there are so many options. However, losing weight the healthy way is still the best path to take – that’s why fat burning smoothies are the rage right now.

Why Cellulite Creams Do Not Work Long Term

A woman suffering cellulite is bound to have tried some topical application or cream to improve the appearance of their lumpy skin. But more often than not, you hear them speak of such creams and lotions dismally because they did not get the expected results, or even if they did, the results didn’t stay in place too long. Today, we are here to tell you why cellulite creams are only a temporary relief.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Eating Clean?

It is unfortunate, but too much weight can result in a poor body image as well as numerous weight problems. Because of this, a lot of people are going through hell and back in an effort to get a lean body.

How to Lose Weight: Do You Know the First Step in Achieving Lasting Weight Loss?

There are many reasons you may want to lose weight. If you are over-weight, you are likely very self-conscious about your size and would love to lose weight. You may have tried numerous methods to lose weight. You may have dieted. You may even have succeeded briefly, only to regain the weight when the diet ended and you returned to former lifestyle behaviors. Or you may have tried but failed to make significant impact on the scale. Being over-weight is so physically and psychologically damaging, that you may have lost the ability to see a future that includes a slender and healthy body. This brief article will provide the first step.

Weight Loss In the Toxic World: Are You Toxic?

Did you know that toxins cause weight gain? Unless you live in a protective bubble, you are exposed to millions of “toxins” every day. Toxins are chemicals that are foreign to our body’s design and are stored and isolated in our fat cells or filtered in the liver because the body has no means of processing them. Toxins can actually plug your fat cells and over time disrupt normal body functions causing headaches and fatigue. If untreated, these toxins can lead to weight gain and chronic health conditions like Diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This article will discuss how nutritional cleansing can assist in increasing your weight loss results, decreasing your risk for the chronic health conditions.

Kickboxing Attributed to Major Weight Loss

Obesity has been cited as a major health issue in recent decades, and it seems the problem is only getting worse. Thousands of deaths are attributed to obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Not only death but also countless chronic health problems such as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and liver disease are also attributed to obesity. This is a problem that can very easily be stopped or reversed, unfortunately many people don’t know how and know where to start.

Don’t Ruin Your Weight Loss Success When Eating Out, Follow These 10 Tips

Weight loss does not mean deprivation. In fact, eating out while losing weight is not only possible, but can be just as fun as before. You simply need to follow a few key rules and employ a few key strategies to stay on track.

The Real Biggest Loser Is You: Why Extreme Weight Loss Does Not Work

Shows like The Biggest Loser purport to motivate those at home to get up and lose weight themselves. However, as recent news headlines suggest, not all is as it seems. Find out why, without the proper perspective, the only “loser” in these programs is you.

The Recipe for Change

The more sugar I ate, the more sugar I wanted. I just kept shoveling it in. I couldn’t get enough… what was happening? The next morning I woke up feeling sicker than a dog and hating myself more than ever. How could I be so weak? Why did I eat so much chocolate? How could I help others fight the urge to not binge on sugar when I couldn’t control my own impulses? After much soul searching and a session with my own coach, I came up with the answer.

What Can Women Do If Cellulite Gets Worse As Time Passes?

Cellulite is a problem that nine of out ten women suffer at some point of time in their lives. This cosmetic problem is defined as the occurrence of fat deposits in the connective tissue under skin. These deposits protrude onto the surface of the skin, giving it an uneven or bumpy appearance. This is why people who are suffering from cellulite are referred to as having cottage cheese or orange peel skin.

Which Is Best For Cellulite Reduction – Diet Or Exercises?

Cellulite is a problem that most women all over the world suffer from. Most people have a misconception that only those who are fat suffer this cosmetic condition. But, that is not true! Cellulite can affect anyone. Whether you are fat or thin does not matter.

Weight Loss Tips

Dieting is a major component in meeting your weight loss goals. These are just a couple of hints and tips to optimize your diet.

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